How to change CHMOD configuration file cPanel

How to change CHMOD configuration file in cPanel (644, 666, 775, 777)

This guide will explain how to  to change the permissions of your files and folders using cPanel File Manager.

  1. Log into cPanel and click on “File Manager” icon. (cPanel > Files > File Manager)
  2. On the File Manager Select the file or folder where you need to change the permissions, then click on the “Change Permissions” icon on the top-right of your File Manager.
  3. Now you can select the permissions that you would like to have for that file. Setting it to 777 is dangerous and should only be done for a short period and then changed back to something more restrictive such as 755 (so apache and outside groups cant write to the file).
  4. Click on “Change Permissions” and the file will have its permissions changed.

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