What is Add-On Domains in cPanel?

An add-on domain is a combination of the parked and subdomains, and allows you to host an additional domain within your account, but with separate content. Example Usage:

  • You have two domains myhosteddomain.com and myhosteddomain.biz
  • myhosteddomain.com is the main domain for your website and you want people to be able to access a *different* site as myhosteddomain.biz
  • You upload your additional website into a directory in your webspace called /site2/ you can now access the 2nd site as myhosteddomain.com/site2/
  • You can add the additional domain as an “add-on” from within your Control Panel, redirecting it to the site2 folder.
  • Now when someone types myhosteddomain.com they get the original site and when they browse to myhosteddomain.biz they will go to the site2 website.

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